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About Anniken

anniken-headshot-2-webAnniken Chadwick is a pelvic floor Physiotherapist practicing in Vancouver, BC.

She has a particular passion for women’s and men’s health issues and a natural affinity for this delicate and socially ‘hushed’ area of healthcare.

Anniken’s practice is based on an individualized approach to rehabilitation. She believes in addressing the root issue or concern as it affects and relates to the whole body, and assesses each client based on their specific concerns and goals.

Pelvic floor issues are often incredibly vulnerable, and Anniken’s sensitive and positive approach creates a safe and open healing environment for every client. She is a firm believer in East meets West medicine and uses her in-depth knowledge of the physical body, along with her personal awareness of the importance of the ‘self in health’ to provide a holistic treatment approach.

Anniken graduated from the University of Nottingham, U.K. with a 1st Class Honours degree in Physiotherapy in 2007. Since establishing her private practice, she has continued to specialize with training in pelvic floor physiotherapy, pregnancy related issues, and Orthopaedics.

In addition to her hands on Physiotherapy practice, Anniken also offers Acupuncture and Pilates to enhance her client’s healing process. She completed her acupuncture certification with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, and finds it to be a wonderful tool for pain and stress management, as well as release of muscle tension. Pilates works well to integrate Physiotherapy into every day movement and exercise. It teaches body awareness and empowers her clients to make integrated change independently.

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Pelvic floor disorders are often socially poorly understood, and not always treated well in the medical community. Anniken is incredibly passionate about raising awareness regarding pelvic health, and is available to offer workshops and education sessions on request.

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Anniken embraces Vancouver’s active outdoor lifestyle and the progressive, holistic approach to healthcare she deeply believes in. She has a passion for sailing, and like most Vancouverite’s, she enjoys hiking and yoga, and regularly unwinds on the dance floor in support of Vancouver’s great local music scene.


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