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Blog - Anniken Chadwick

Your Body after Birthing – What to expect.. and 10 things to watch out for!

A mother's body has been through quite the journey after giving birth, and as a pelvic floor physiotherapist I find a lot of new mums are confused and ill-informed about what is 'normal' in the fourth trimester. So what should you expect, AFTER you've been expecting? For those of you too busy with babies to get to the bottom of the page, scan the bullet points and know that the key message is to understand what is normal, and get help sooner rather ... Read more

6 signs of Prolapse

What is prolapse? Pelvic Organ Prolapse is when the organs of your pelvis (your bladder, bowel, uterus or a combination of these) drop down into the vaginal space.  A normal healthy beautiful looking set of pelvic organs looks like this…   This is what prolapse looks like...                      So how do you know if you have prolapse? You can have a stealth prolapse lying in wait with no issues at all, but here are some common signs and symptoms to watch for.... Feeling of heaviness in the vagina Feeling ... Read more

What is normal bowel function!? 5 points of positive pooing..

Bowels are 'the shit'. Couldn't resist (SO many pun opportunities with this blog and I can't help myself) - but they are. They maintain the health of your whole body, absorbing all those lovely nutrients from the yummy food, and expelling the processed crap (he he) you eat when you're stressing.  An easy, fully evacuated bowel movement feels amazing doesn't it!? (Especially that hangover poo!) Constipation feels shitty. Toileting habits fascinate me which is lucky in my line of work. I love ... Read more

What is ‘normal’ bladder function?

Often women I see with abnormal bladder functioning are unaware of it, and are seeing me for a more 'serious' issue. After some explanation of how the bladder should normally work, we often shed light on some underlying bladder problems. So what exactly is 'normal' bladder function? Well obviously, every body is different, and it will depend on how much water you drink, don't drink or over drink. You should drink about 1.5l of water a day. If you're exercising or sweating ... Read more

Let’s hear it for the boys! (They have pelvic floors too!)

This week I've been excited and humbled by the influx of male patients I've had through my door. I don't tend to target men with my education or advertising, as historically women have just tended to be the majority of my business, and it's really always been the patients that have guided me. So drawing from my clients and my own experiences I've been banging on and on about women's shame and our societal negligence towards female pelvic health. But as it ... Read more

Barriers to self care ‘down there’

What I found most fascinating about my foray into pelvic floor rehab was my own experience of ignorance and denial, and what it took to transition into a place of acceptance and empowerment. I come across these same barriers to self care 'down there' so frequently in the women I treat and it is the aspect of my work I find most striking.. and frustrating.   The Chinese call the bladder and bowel the pillars of your health. If you can't pee or poo you literally ... Read more

Physio heal thyself… my foray into pelvic floor rehab

  My path into the world of pee, poop and the pelvic floor…and how this Physio (unwittingly) healed herself. Once my client's have gotten to grips with what it is I actually do all day.. they often ask me how I ever ended up here. I can see that spending the majority of my work week finger deep in vagina or rectum, essentially helping women keep their pee in, get their poo out, hold their organs up, or allow a penis to enter without crippling pain, ... Read more