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Diastasis Rectus Abdominus

The stretching of the abdominals during pregnancy can sometimes cause a separation of your rectus abdominus (6 pack) muscle, called diastasis.

This can look like a ‘bulging out’ on straining the tummy, or a deep hole you can sink your fingers into above or bellow your belly button.

Sometimes this resolves itself, and a small separation may not cause problems. However, a separation can be painful, unsightly, and contribute to pain in your lower back and pelvis. It can therefore really limit your ability to regain your abdominal stregnth and aesthetic post delivery.

Unfortunately, without proper assessment and advice, the exercises women partake in to reform their abdomen often make diastasis worse.

Physiotherapy including an assessment of the pelvic floor can help you connect with and rehabilitate your core muscles properly, without causing more damage. It is not always possible to ‘close the gap’, but the bulging / hollowing can be improved, enabling your abdominal muscles to work normally again. At this point you would be safe to confidently and independently commence your own exercise routine.

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