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Anniken is a registered Physiotherapist with specialized training in treating pelvic floor dysfunction and offers one-on-one treatment sessions at 2 locations in the Vancouver Area.

Your first session will be an hour long assessment, which will include your concerns, history and a physical exam. Your problems and goals will be established, and a treatment plan then constructed to suit your needs. A session may include hands-on physiotherapy, education, Pilates exercises, acupuncture or any combination of these as you progress through your treatment.

Pelvic floor issues tend to be complex, and can be related to the functioning of other parts of your body, such as your back or hips and even to your habits and lifestyle. To be successful in treatment, all the related issues need to be addressed. For example, this may mean starting by looking at your spinal posture or an adjustment to your diet.

More detail of each individual approach offered can be found in the drop-down menu above.