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“Thanks for understanding and being compassionate! You’re an excellent teacher and I’m celebrating the progress I’ve made with your treatment and guidance!
I’m less stiff, tired, achy and back to enjoying life again. I have better sensation and control in my pelvic floor, my coccyx pain is almost completely gone and my lower back pain is much improved.
Sex, sleeping, walking, getting up out of bed or off a chair, getting dressed in the morning….literally EVERYTHING is almost pain free and definitely easier. THANK YOU!!!” – anon

irene“I met Anniken at a Vancouver Physio Studio where I teach Pilates. I was impressed with her engaging and warm professionalism. In particular, she introduced Pfilates and Pelvic Floor Exams at the clinic. Along with two other colleagues, I took a series of her Pfilates Classes and subsequently took a Pfilates Certification Workshop from her. Her classes and workshop were very instructive and she provided great explanations, cues and modifications for a wide array of individuals – both male and female including pre or post natal and older adults.

In order to deepen my understanding of the Pelvic Floor and Pfilates/Incontinence, I also became a client in order to experience her pelvic floor exam. She is very comfortable, discreet and professional doing PF exams and definitely helped me feel at ease while she conducted the exam. Moreover, she discovered an area that I could address which will prevent incontinence as I age.

Due to my positive experiences as a client and student of Anniken’s, I have referred several individuals to her for PF exams. I would highly recommend her services to men and women who have pelvic issues including incontinence or for those who wish to prevent having PF problems. As an older adult, whenever I raise the incontinence topic, I discover a wide array of people who are coping with it and who could benefit from a thorough PT – PF assessment along with guided physical practices/exercises which could provide freedom from current or potential issues.” — Irene, Pilates Teacher


“I spent last spring planning and preparing for pregnancy. Anniken helped me strengthen my core and pelvic floor. I really appreciated her calm and professional assessment skills, as well as her encouragement as I worked on the exercises she gave me. Thanks to our work last year, I have had a comfortable pregnancy with relatively little pain or other discomfort. I’ll definitely be returning to work on postpartum recovery!”  — Anna, New Mother


cloe“I have been referred to many physiotherapists over the years due to injuries, none of which I could really relate. Anniken brings natural skill, years of experience, as well as a professional and personal touch to her practice which is refreshing. Now, I see the true benefit of a physiotherapist because for the first time I see the relevance and feel the results.” — Cloe, Graphic Artist



Samantha-Jane-Headshot“I have been dancing for over 10 years professionally, and the injuries that flare up from time to time are a result of many years major/minor injuries and compensations. My treatment with Anniken not only provided relief from the immediate issue, but we were able to get to the root of my injuries and develop a way to maintain these issues so that I can continue to dance at the same level, without pain.  Being a pelvic floor specialist also enabled her to offer further insights into my understanding of Pilates and insured that I am executing these exercises with precision.  Her invested interest in the future of my maintenance program is invaluable and an ode to Anniken’s true sense of understanding of individual client care and education for prevention. Thank you Anniken!” — Samantha, Ballet Dancer



alyssa“Anniken’s pilates class helped me improve my posture and relieved my back pain from too much computer work. I love her upbeat, candid teaching style and her endless knowledge about the body and proper alignment made me trust her opinion over other yoga and aerobics instructors I’ve tried. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.” — Alyssa, Web Designer



simon“Anniken has helped me immensely with shoulder, ankle, neck and back problems. Over and above being an excellent physiotherapist, Anniken has a rare intuition and ability to treat the real cause of the problem, always with the most genuine care and attention. Highly recommended!” — Simon, Musician